Who We Are

Learn more about Nakoda Development Corporation and what we have to offer.

Carry the Kettle has been involved in many business ventures and partnerships for decades, including operating a Band store, a retail fuel station, CTK Plastics, and managing significant oil and gas partnerships. In 2009, Carry the Kettle became one of nine Saskatchewan First Nations communities to participate in INAC’s Business Ready Investment Development Gateway (BRIDG) Program. This program, managed by Westcap Management, was intended to support Indigenous communities in the development of corporate governance structures and processes.

Through its participation in the BRIDG Program, Carry the Kettle decided to formally incorporate a business structure to oversee its business investments. Nakoda Developments Limited Partnership (NDC) was incorporated on July 7, 2010 and is wholly owned by the community of Carry the Kettle. The Corporation’s primary mandate is to advance the economic, investment and business development priorities of Carry the Kettle First Nation. Since 2010, NDC’s leadership and its Board of Directors has laid the foundation for ensuring NDC had a strong basis in corporate governance, including the development and implementation of a wide range of governance policies and processes.

Mandate and Goals

Learn more about Nakoda Development Corporation and what we have to offer.

Our Mandate

Nakoda Developments has been mandated by CTK leadership to operate as a profit generation centre for CTK and its membership.  As such, its primary goal is to generate revenue from profitable, sustainable business ventures and partnerships.  While CTK’s Economic Development and Land Management Departments work closely with NDC, the Corporation remains primarily responsible for fostering and facilitating strategic business development opportunities that will support the entire community.

Our economic and business development goals include:

Joint venture partnerships with industry and business entities
Band-owned or community business development strategies that leverage CTK’s land holdings along major corridors and within urban locations
Urban land development and reserve creation including commercial, retail and residential development interest
Investment opportunities for equity ownership
Strategic partnerships in the renewable energy and power generation sectors

Guiding Principles

Nakoda Developments is guided by the following guiding principles


Support and develop profitable commercial enterprises and partnerships that aim to increase own source revenue generation for CTK and its membership.


Ensure community members and partners are included in and informed about NDC’s strategic opportunities and plans.


Explore and support commercial development opportunities by pursuing collaborative partnerships.

Safety and Service Excellence

Our business ventures will promote and maintain the highest standards of Health, Safety, and Environmental Stewardship.


We are committed to improving the livelihood and wellbeing of our members and First Nation people through business ventures that provide meaningful benefits and opportunities, including employment and business development opportunities.